Cost Effective Garage Storage Solutions

The first time you open the door on a new garage it almost always looks huge. The big, empty space is inviting and full of possibilities. Fast forward to a few months later, however, and if you’re a typical homeowner you’ve filled that space up with all kinds of clutter: toys, tools and all of the boxes you couldn’t find space for in the house proper. That’s why garage storage ideas are one of the basic topics of conversation for homeowners everywhere. There are lots of options. Which one is the most cost effective? Let’s look at some basic criteria courtesy of the storage professionals at


Floor space is the basic currency of garage storage efficiency. A garage floor is a messy place; if you don’t want your stuff to get wet, stained or possibly run over by your car you want to get it off the floor. That’s why after a few misadventures most people try to mount things on the walls or hang them from garage rafters. This is really the only practical solution but it can be risky if the method you’re using isn’t strong or secure enough for the weight of the item or to stand up to the vibrations of a moving car or garage door. Pegboards are a traditional solution, but standard boards aren’t necessarily going to stand up to the stress.


Pegboard garage storage solutions also have the advantage of flexibility. As long as the board and pegboard hooks are strong enough you can mount almost anything on your garage wall. Heavy loads such as storage containers may require special care, however. Consider using screws and peg strappers to keep pegboard hooks firmly in place. You may have to experiment a bit to hang oddly shaped things. For example, you should use a larger hook and an overhanging rail to hang a bicycle because it needs clearance for its width.


Most homeowners these days go through several houses as their families grow up and their finances improve. That means you shouldn’t just think in terms of the perfect solution for this garage, but one that will work in future garages, too. That means that just banging a few nails to hang things just isn’t going to cut it. In fact, when it’s time to sell the house, the protruding nails you thought were handy become an eyesore and a pain to yank out when you’re prepping for a sale. On the other hand, a tough metal pegboard gives you two great options. You can remove it and take it with you to your new home or you can leave it in place, adding a bit if extra appeal to your house.


As we’ve noted elsewhere in this article your solution needs to be tough. Otherwise, it’s just going to be a set of hooks for your keys, coats and a couple of small tools. You want to be able to lift heavy bags and boxes off of the floor. To get the best out of a garage storage solution go for tough materials and a secure spot to mount it. If you do that you’ll be surprised at exactly how much you can get out of the way.

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